9мая 2015

Teachers' Day 2014

Teachers' Day is a special day. A Day of wisdom, knowledge and creativeness. It is a celebration of childhood, juvenility and maturing. It is widely celebrated because each and every of us had been a student. Today we honor owners of one of the noblest professions in the works - Teachers.

May 9th - The Victory Day

Today Krasnoarmeyskoe held the Parade dedicated to the 69th anniversary of the victory of Russia in the Great Patriotic War. People of the district came to see the Parade and to honor those who died in the Great Patriotic War.


For the veterans of the terrible war the celebration began in the Administration Building of Krasnoarmeyskoe where there were met by young volunteers. There they were given a St. George ribbon, congratulated and thanked for the Victory. They also could watch Moscow Victory Parade translation while having a cup of tea and sharing stories with each other.

Spring Break is over :(

Today, March 31, is the last day of Spring Break for the Students in Krasnoarmeyskoe.
The weather tomorrow isn't going to be quite spring-like, but I recommend you to wear warm jacket and warm boots.

The first flowers are blooming outside. I bet in a week or two the ground will be all covered with flowers. 

"Trak En Piki" Beauty Pageant -2014

On the eve of March 8 The Culture Center of Krasnoarmeyskoe held the Annual Beauty Pageant "Trak En Piki - 2014".

There were 8 beautiful participant from all over the district with three of them from Trakovskaya SOSH and others from Ubeevo, Karaevo, Krasnoarmeyskaya SOSH, Almanchino and Isakovo.

They presented national dishes, costumes, songs and dances, etc.

The winner of the event - Maria Kozlova, 10th grade student in Trakovskaya SOSH, - turned out to be the smartest and the most gumptious participant among all. 2nd prize was given to Anna Vasileva, 10th grade student in Ubeevskaya SOSH.

All the girls received gift cards from the sponsors and other presents.

Gymnastics with the Star

On September 1, Krasnoarmeyskoe held the massive event - Gymnastics With the Star. Though there were several stars - the chief of the Administration of the district Andrey Vladimirovich Shestakov; candidate to the deputy of Krasnoarmeyskoe community, the president of the football federation of Krasnoarmeyskoe - Andrey Gurievich Khristophorov; master of sports on an international level - Edict and Oksana Khaybulinys. Andrey Gurievich made a special surprise for the most active folks of the village - he gave out footballs and volleyballs. About 200 people participated in this event, among them students and teachers of the central schools, workers of the Administration of the district, pensionary fund, ZAO "Bytovick", local hospital and factories, workers from other organizations and simply the people who live here. After the event participators enjoyed a little concert of the music school students. Members of the Youth Government of the Krasnoarmeyskoe district organized a flashmob.
Everyone had fun today!

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